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Md. Ramijur Rahman Khan 

Founder & Chief Consultant, Family Kingdom

  • Certified Relationship Counselor
  • BBA (Management) University of Dhaka
  • MBA (International Business) University of Dhaka

Certificate Courses & Diploma:

  1. Fully Accredited Professional Counselling Diploma, KEW Academy
  2. Fully Accredited Diploma in Relationship Counselling, KEW Academy
  3. Introduction to Child Psychology, Udemy
  4. The Psychology of Parenting, Udemy
  5. Ultimate Principles of Successful Marriage, Udemy
  6. Emotional Intelligence: Mastering Anxiety, Fear & Emotion
  7. Strengthening Marriage & Intimate Relationship
  8. Relationship Coaching: Transforming Problems into Growth and Love


Mr. Ramijur Rahman Khan is passionate about helping people to increase family happiness & regain lost love. Family crisis solving, emotional and situational intelligence training, handling negativity in marital life, positive parenting, old parent's caring, pre-marriage mental preparation etc. are core area of his expertise. 


From his last 7+ years study & voluntary family happiness counseling it was discovered that most of the family problems take place from silly matters that could have been solved at the beginning. But because of negative human qualities like anger, jealousy, envy, hatred etc. many happy couples are facing love lose causing happiness bleeding. 


Mr. Khan has been trusted by many of his friends, colleagues and family members who shared their marital crisis and different categories of problems. He has been passionate to give counseling to their problems to rescue them from the crisis.


Prior to this passionate work Mr. Khan was a 12 years experienced consultative sales professional having worked in top ICT companies like  Huawei Technologies, LEADS Corporations, REVE Systems, ValuePLUS etc.