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About Us

Every husband can be a KING & every wife can be a QUEEN. But most of the married couples cannot live a king's life or queen's life, Why? 


Family Kingdom helps people live a king's life & queen's life. It's people's family happiness coach. It discovers pivotal reasons why a smart man &  woman cannot become a happy married couple. We identify root  causes of marital disharmony & provide amazing solutions to regain  happiness like never before.



Discovering your great inner gualities to convert your family into a FAMILY KINGDOM where you can live like a KING or QUEEN



Helping people to develop sustainable happiness mindset through practice of empathy, kindness, love, caring, apology, forgiveness, gratefulness & other positive emotions in order to increase personal happiness in conjugal life, work life, kids parenting & old parent's caring, and spread greater wellbeing in society


What We Do:

  1. Couple's Workshop: Mindset Transformation to Increase Marital Happiness
  2. Pre-marriage Masterclass: Solid Mental Preparation Before Marriage
  3. Family Masterclass: Great Parenting & Heart Winning Parent's Caring
  4. Corporate Sessions: Outstanding Performance Driven by Family Happiness
  5. Private Counselling Sessions on Family Challenges